The health and nutritional benefits of walnuts in brief

Why walnuts.?

Why Walnuts..?

28g of walnuts have more antioxidants in them than most people consume from fruits and veggies per day.

24g of walnuts packs 185 calories
4grams of protein
2 grams fibre
18grams of healthy fats

Heart health
Walnuts contain the amino acid I-Arginine which helps with vascular function

They contain plant based omega 3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is anti-flammatory and may help with the prevention of blood clots.

Even though walnuts have so may help benefits just make sure you consume them in small serves 4-5 per time as they are very calories dense.

They make a great added extra on any salad or a conventient  on the go snack, if your on the run.

Go Walnuts !!



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