Choosing Your Next Qualified Personal Trainer In Sydney

Choosing Your Next Qualified Personal Trainer In Randwick Or Eastern Suburbs

Choosing a personal trainer in sydney

Choosing a personal trainer in sydney

Choosing a personal trainer in Randwick Or Eastern Suburbs

Choosing your first personal trainer can be daunting job, but with a few tips from me, making that decision should be easier.

With over 15 years worth of experience in the fitness industry I have seen personal trainers come and go.

A personal trainer can help you with a range of health and fitness objectives, including probably the main one accountability, however weight loss, improved strength and endurance, body shaping all come a close second.


My top 5 tips for choosing a personal trainer in Randwick Or Eastern Suburbs:


  • Get a Personal Trainer with experience, otherwise you could be wasting your money
  • Go to a gym or fitness studio, otherwise your restricted to what equipment is available. In my opinion if your serious about getting results you will either have to increase resistance with weight or vary your exercises program. Sorry working in a park just doesn’t cut it for me.
  • Don’t commit to a long-term package before you’ve had a chance to see if you’re compatible
  • References- you will be investing a big chunk of cash, so you want to hear from other friends or families members their experience before you invest
  • Cost- is the personal trainer affordable in the long term, getting real results can take up to 6 months if your serious. You don’t want to run out of cash half way


Choosing A Good Personal Trainer Can Offer:

  • Motivation
  • Utilise your training time
  • Improve technique
  • Monitor your progress
  • Change your exercise program in response to your improved fitness levels

Choosing A Bad Personal Trainer Can Offer:

  • Half the session on his/her mobile phone texting at your expense
  • A running commentary on their social life
  • Poor nutritional information- what works for them should work for you
  • Poor timing keeping- late or no show
  • Focusing on other gym users and not you

Check Your Personal Trainer Has Qualification:

Anyone can call himself or herself a personal trainer, so it is always best to find out if they are qualified. The last thing you want is an injury resulting from an exercise given to you straight out of a performance from cirque solei.

What to look for

  • Certificate IV in Fitness- This is the minimum qualification.

A Personal Trainer may also have a specialization: older adults, children, and adolescents.

  • Diploma of Fitness – some Certificate IV personal trainers go on to complete this more advanced qualification.
  • Registration-  look  out for Fitness Australia or Physically Active Australia
  • Insurance-Your trainer should have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer:

How long have they been working as a personal trainer?

What sort of clients have they had/do they have, and what sort of results have they helped them achieve? Ask for references and make sure you contact the referees. Ask them about the trainer’s good and bad (if any) points, how the trainer helped them achieve their goals, and their overall experience with them.

When are they able to exercise with you, and do these days/times suit you?

How much does it cost per hour or session (per person if there are two or more of you)? Are there packages available? If the session takes place in a gym, does the fee include entry to the gym (unless you’re already a member)?

Any further question feel free to contact me.




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