Five easy ways to eat healthy

Veggies measure tape

1. Plan all your meals and shopping list before you shop, check that you have included lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

2.Once in the store be flexible enough to take advantage of specials. Swop to fruit or vegetables in season if they are cheaper, e.g. grapes or peaches may be in season.

3.When fresh fruit or vegetable are in limited supply, check the price of frozen varieties ( Australian made). These may be a substitute at a better price.

4.Shop regularly – 2 to 3 times a week if you can. Less to carry, and fruit and veggies will be fresh, look good taste good and keep there nutritional value.

5. Alway make enough for the next days lunch, benefits are that it will be cheaper than buying lunch, and you can control what portion size you are eating.






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