My five tips for success in open water

11150840_10152784515727304_4998534801684887646_nMy five tips for success in open water.


1.Get the right gear: Having the best swimming goggles is a must, try them on in the shop, don’t trust someone else’s opinion. Ask yourself:

  • Are the straps easily adjustable
  • Are the lenses dark or light
  • Check the lenses have anti-fog coating


2.Before the swim stand on the shore and have a look at the course, look where the floating buoys are, count them.


3.If you’re not a confident swimmer, start further back in the pack remember there will be others in the same boat as you.


4.Everyone gets nervous before the start. Take a deep breath, relax and settle into your stroke. Lift your head up every 3-6 stroke to site the buoy, stay focused and enjoy the experience.


5.Nutrition Post event

a) Fluids:

Commence rehydration with water, and continue for 12 hours

Check hydration levels continually (Urine color, odor, volume and frequency)

b) Phase 1 (first 4 hours post-exercise)

Ensure the intake of complex carbohydrates start as soon as possible to replace lost glycogen

Commence with water if gastric distress is an issue

Move to non- acidic fruit

Follow up with carbohydrate snacks (banana’s, melon, mango)


c) Phase 2 (next 12 hours)

Continue with complex carbohydrates, and ensure snacks and meals include protein and healthy fats.


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