Nutritionist Randwick “5 Health Benefits Of Coriander”

Nutritionist Randwick "5 Health Benefits Of Coriander"

Nutritionist Randwick “5 Health Benefits Of Coriander”

Zak Sztor Nutritionist Randwick

Nutritionist Randwick 5 Health Benefits Of Coriander

Randwick Nutritionist-I absolutely love coriander, it’s one of my favourite herbs. In my vegetable patch at home, I have the biggest bunch of coriander growing out of control.

I get asked as a nutritionist every  week, can you recommend a healthy salad to eat or can you give me an example of a healthy meal.

In my opinion you just need to keep you meal planning simple, just by adding fresh coriander or any other fresh herb to your salad bowl will give your dinner salad extra flavour , and liven up your box standard mid-week salad.

  1. May help prevent nausea.
  2. Lowers blood sugar levels.
  3. Aids in digestion.
  4. It’s high in iron
  5. It’s a rich source of calcium


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