Randwick Nutritionist & Personal Trainer's Client Reviews

Randwick Nutritionist & Personal Trainer’s Client Reviews

Randwick Nutritionist:Client Reviews and Success Stories

Fiona’s story (October 2017)

Nutritionist Randwick- Zak is a highly experienced PT, tailoring workouts to suit the needs of his individual clients, even in a group training setting. He has also helped me to make some great changes nutritionally.*


Kelly’s story (October 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist -I decided to have a consultation with Zak as a bit of a “kick-start” to my healthy living project on myself and it was the best decision I have made. Over many years, I have had been training and eating well and doing what I though were “all the right things”, but lack of motivation, unhappiness with the fit of my clothes and knowing that there was something I was missing, lead me to seek an expert. My first consultation with Zak opened my eyes to portion control, cutting out snacking and a revelation that the amount of protein that I was eating was nowhere near enough. Throughout the 6 week challenge, Zak was nothing but positive, supportive and motivating. His focus for me was on nutrition, but he gave me exercise and training tips to compliment the program. The definition of crazy is to continue to eat/train the way you are now and expect different results – Zak blew my old habits out the window and my diet will continue to represent what Zak has taught me – and will be keeping myself in check with future visits to Zak. I highly recommend Zak to anyone who is wanting to better their health – there is always something to learn!*

Sarah’s story (September 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist- Having completed Zak’s six week challenge, I realised I didn’t know as much about nutrition as I originally thought. It wasn’t so much what I was eating but the need to pair carbs with protein etc that made the difference in losing those cm/%bodyfat/Kgs. The eating plan is something that’s sustainable and so even though I’ve finished the challenge im still using Zak’s eating plan and yummy recipes. If you’re someone like me who enjoys exercise but wants to see some physical results then I’d definitely recommend talking to Zak

Katrina’s story (September 2017)

Zak was recommended to me post operatively by another trainer when I needed rehab training. I needed a trainer who would understand my limitations, but also assist in my rehabilitation and return to exercise. I knew that if I trained on my own I would risk injury so I needed to have training sessions planned and tailored to my needs. Zak clearly put a lot of time into designing sessions, which were full of variety, and a lot of fun. I was so impressed that I did the 6-week challenge and not only did I overhaul my eating habits but the whole family benefited from his nutrition program and meal planning. I have trained every week with Zak for nearly two years as part of his groups and alone. I never get bored and take something away from every single session.

Anna’s story (August 2017)

Nutritionist Randwick -Zak nutritional and personal training support was key to achieve my fitness/health/lifestyle goals. He helped me improve my nutrition to maximize my fitness results as well as my work out rutine. Thanks to his support these new habits are now part of my lifestyle. I totally recommend Zak!*

Cameron’s story (July 2017)

Nutritionist Randwick-Just a quick note to thank you for your dedication and commitment to my own 6 week challenge.
You kept me accountable, challenged me in my training techniques but most importantly helped me make some firm decisions on my eating habits.
The results were outstanding and extremely pleasing. I dropped 6kgs, reduced my belly and had fun along the way.
I have already referred 3 people to you and would have no hesitation coming back for a trim up when I inevitably stray.
Thanks again you were absolutely fantastic

Jame’s story (June 2017)

Nutritionist Randwick-Im one of those skinny people who never gain any weight no matter how much food we eat. So I was doing a session with my PT and he recommended Zak to help me.
Doing a 6 weeks nutrition program with Zak really helps me alot. From the initial assessment I found out that though Im not gaining any healthy weight, I’m gaining something else, Fats. I have high body fat for my body. So he recommended this amazing food plan, at first it was really hard but with his help, I was able to achieved my goals, I become more discipline in what I eat, I become more aware on what is and what is not to put in my body, It doesnt mean that you stopped eating food that you like before but in moderation, and I feel healthier.
I would recommend Zak for people who really want to have good change in their life.

Evelyn’s story (June 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist-I recently completed the 6 week nutrition program with Zak. The program is very much sustainable – there is nothing drastic about Zak’s approach – rather it is based on common sense and small changes – when this is applied consistently I slowly started to see results. Zak was very patient throughout the 6 weeks and always celebrated the small wins which helped keep me motivated. Zak was also very knowledgeable in terms of supplements and regularly texted through the 6 weeks which again helped with motivation and accountability. I have continued to apply the principles Zak taught me and feel much better!*

Debra’s story (June 2017)

Nutritionist Randwick-Just a few sessions with Zak around diet and nutrition has changed how I eat forever. Better still, I feel healthier – and not hungry all the time. My diet was not bad to start out with and I wasn’t sure any changes could be made – but Zak fine tuned it, proving you can always make positive and healthy changes.*

Vicki’s story (June 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist-Zak genuinely cares about your progress. He has a great offering where you can meet him once per week to assess progress and ask any questions you might have. This was a great model for me because I had the chance to learn more about how to balance my meals to meet my goals. Zak also worked with me over those multiple sessions to build my knowledge and develop my goals over time so that I wasn’t biting off more than I could chew. Over the 5 week period I was seeing Zak, I lost 4cm off my waist and 3.5kgs but the best part is that – now I know how to eat better and tailor my meals for my goals – I’m only just beginning and I have continued to loose weight after our program ended.*

Ashley’s story (May 2017)

Randwick Personal Trainer-Ashley’s story (May 2017)I trained with Zak for several years and he always inspired me to be the best version of myself possible! Not only did I lose weight and tone up, but my fitness skyrocketed too. He played a huge role in me finding my runner’s legs again and supported me through numerous fun runs and half-marathons. What sets Zak apart is that he really invests in each one of his client’s and does a great job at keeping every session challenging, balancing cardio and strength training for maximum results. On top of this, Zak’s nutrition expertise makes him the whole package! If you’re looking for a challenge as well as some fun along the way, then I could not recommend Zak highly enough. He’s the best!*

Sibel’s story (April 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist- I went to Zak to try and loose some weight for my upcoming wedding. Really struggled in the past due to PCOS and a love for the partying lifestyle! With his 6 week plan and weekly training sessions, managed to lose 6 kg! His easy to follow meal plans and honest approach made it achievable. Thank you Zak!*

Sarah’s story (April 2017)

Bondi Junction Nutritionist-Zak was recommended to me by a colleague, what a great recommendation. Since starting training with Zak, it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed training in a gym. I train with Zak 3 times per week and each session is varied. He also provides a rounded service, focusing on nutrition as well as exercise so that I can achieve my desired goals, I have seen a significant difference in my body shape, am noticeably toned and dropped a dress size which is exactly what I wanted. Zak is firm but fair and definitely gets the best out of me. Highly recommend, thank you Zak!*

Mark’s story (April 2017)

Nutritionist Eastern Suburbs Sydney:I have been working with Zak on my diet and fitness for the past 4 years. During this time, Zak has helped me to reach my goals each time – whether this be improving strength and overall fitness, building lean muscle or improving my diet. Due to a busy work and travel schedule, I have personally struggled in the past with regards to my diet. Thanks to Zak’s guidance, support and structured food plan, I now have more energy and focus to achieve my overall health goals.*

Don’s story (April 2017)

Bondi Junction Sydney Nutritionist:Zak is very smart about nutrition and manages to explain it in simple terms to us mortals. The great bit is that the 6 week program does not simply end after 6 weeks, you leave with the knowledge you need to keep eating right and maintain your weight loss and health.*

Rachel’s story (March 2017)

Eastern Suburbs Sydney Nutritionist:Zak Sztor has changed my life! I saw Zak when I couldn’t shift the last few pregnancy kilos. Zak armed me with the information and approach to help me reach and exceed my goals. Consequently, myself and my husband have changed our entire view of food and nutrition and feel better than ever. Zak pushed me but in the right way with great results.*

Stacey’s story (February 2017)

Randwick Nutritionist & Eastern Suburbs Nutritionist:I have used Zak as a PT and nutrionalist for years and he is easily the best trainer I have ever had, inspiring and motivating. Zak has changed the way I eat and my knowledge about food and nutrition, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.*

Penny’s story (January 2017)

Personal Trainer Randwick-Zak is very experienced and an excellent trainer. He keeps his sessions varied and challenging. I have been working out in a group of 4 for about 8 months and this suits me perfectly. Zak is very flexible with sessions which is crucial when you’re a mum of 2. I have tried out a number of trainers over the years and I would highly recommend Zak.*

Michael’s story (January 2017)

Nutritionist Eastern Suburbs-It pays to be speak to a professional, if only I saw Zak earlier in my life. Can only imagine what else i could have achieved with the right direction. Thanks Zak*

Ruth’s story (Dec 2016)

Bondi Junction Sydney Nutritionist:I did Zak’s 6 week nutritional program; in that time I was able to meet my goals and from what I learned keep the weight off. His approach of getting to understand you and then reviewing what you’re eating each week means he can help you make the changes that will make a difference. His advice was tailored to my situation and completely doable. I’ve also trained weekly with him for the past year, the sessions are always hard but enjoyable and I’ve seen my fitness steadily increase. Highly recommended.*


Julie’s story (Dec 2016)

Randwick Personal Training-Love training with Zak. I enjoy doing different exercises every week, Zak is always mixing it up. I’ve maintained and increased strength working out in his group training sessions. Zak always gives us nutrition help if we need it which is a bonus.*

Jill’s story (Nov 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I came to see Zak Sztor Nutritionist Randwick before my recent trip to Bali. I had been working out at the gym 4/5 times a week for about a year and hadn’t seen much change in my shape or body. I thought my diet was relatively healthy too. There were so many conflicting articles out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat that I wanted one on one expert advice and guidance on where I was going wrong. Why I wasn’t seeing changes when I was working out and eating “healthy”

Zak took me back to basics. The most important thing he told me was to eat real food. Simple as that. So I started making my meals from scratch. Cut out the so called healthy snacks I was eating such as protein bars, yoghurt, smoothies, acai bowls, crackers. I started to eat protein with every meal and snacked on whole fruit and nuts. I still managed to keep a social life and ate out once or twice a week. With that one thing he told me always on my mind. To eat real food.

Over the space of 7 weeks I lost over 5kilos which made a huge difference on my 5ft2 frame. Everyone started to compliment me on my weight loss and glowing complexion! I finally started to feel I was in the best shape of my life. This was different to all the other “diets” I had been on in the past. This was not a diet but a lifestyle change. One that was actually sustainable. The most important thing I’ve learned from this is knowing I don’t have to feel deprived of food in order to lose weight. It’s just a matter of eating the right foods. And enjoying them!

6 weeks on after my challenge had finished and I’m still keeping the weight off. I’m sticking to those principles he has taught me. Eat real food.*


Amber’s story (Dec 2016)

Bondi Junction Nutritionist – I have been training with Zak for over a year now. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition and continues to educate me throughout our sessions. Zak is an extremely experienced PT and tailors his programs to suit the client. I would highly recommend him! Thanks Zak!!*

Hannah story (Nov 2016)

Eastern Suburbs Nutritionist-I have been training with Zak for around 3 years and have seen some great results in terms of strength and stamina. He also provides nutritional advice which has helped me make better food choices. Highly recommend.*

Kate’s story (Nov 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I was not seeing the results I wanted from my training, although I had come a long way in two years I still saw little improvement in definition, and little if no gains in strength. I wanted my hard work to show. I also had a high percentage of body fat. I was your typical skinny “fat”
So following Zak Sztor Nutritionist in Randwick’s programme I practiced what I already knew but didn’t do. I started to have regular amounts of protein, with a balance of carbs and healthy fats. I drank 2 plus litres of water a day, I gave  anything processed etc I had stopped alcohol over a year ago bar the odd celebratory drink. It was surprisingly easy and enjoyable. I began to plan ahead do food prep, I was able to resist “treats” Zak educated me with my diet in so many ways, it wasn’t easy but so worth while. I enjoy cooking more from scratch. I was eating rubbish with no nutritional value.

How I felt first, the week was truly awful I felt ill I had a headache for a week I was miserable not sleeping, I actually had a melt down and anyone who knows me knows how stoic I am. I wanted to give up.
How do I feel now? Amazing strong, I can lift heavier weights i have definition, I don’t crave sugar I look forward to training and now push myself instead of clock watching because I can see results that are just what I wanted ,I’m slimmer less bloated my skin is clearer , even my cellulite has improved. I’ve had more complements in the last six weeks than I’ve had in six years.

I’m healthier my body fat is decreasing and my muscle mass is increasing. My life has changed for the better. I have two debilitating diagnosis’s, chronic back pain through herniated discs and osteoarthritis which both have improved with healthy eating and strength training.

The six week plan has changed my life, I’ve gained knowledge and that six weeks was just the beginning….,???? to put it simply could you build a house without cement ??? No well food is the cement and there you have it.*


Pete’s story (Oct 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-Having known Zak Sztor for the past 8 years at Fitness First Randwick, I decided it was time to have a real go at losing weight.
Over the years of trying to do it myself through information from fitness magazines and speaking to other people who had different ideas that they used on dieting, it wasn’t until I sat down with Zak to understand fully the things I tried in the past was not helping me to get real results. Zak’s sound knowledge of what’s good and bad for you to achieve your goals in outstanding.
We set a goal that over 6 weeks I was to cut out most refined carbs add a little more protein, eating 5 smaller meals a day instead of 3 main meals ( breakfast, lunch & dinner) snacking on celery sticks drinking 3 litres of water a day are just some of the changes I made.
For the first week of my challenge I did find things a bit tough but by the end of the 2nd week I started feeling much more alert with loads more energy, to today feeling like a new person, much to my surprise.
My success of the 6 week challenge was losing 11cms off my waist and dropping 7 kgs on the scales. Yes exercise plays a roll in this success but diet is the most important way to achieve such success.
So a big thank you to Zak and highly recommend anyone to give this a go
Thanks Zak.*

Jacqui’s story (October 2016)

Randwick Personal Trainer-I have been training with Zak for a number of years now 2-3 times a week and love it. He really knows his clients well and tailors the PT sessions accordingly. Over the years I have become stronger and fitter because Zak mixes up the workouts to incorporate a good balance of strength and cardio workouts. He also takes age, ability and injuries into account and ensures all exercise is done the right way to get the maximum benefit. Zak is very personable, flexible and adds just the right touch of humour to every session :). I highly recommend Zak for personal training!*

Conor’s story (Sept 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I had been training hard over a long period of time, a mix of weight training and cardio in the form of sports training and eating what I perceived to be healthy enough food but was not seeing any results in weight loss or body fat%.

With Zak Sztor Nutritionist in Randwick’s help I cut out a  certain foods, learnt about portion control and meal size and proper food to fuel my body with my goals in mind. Most importantly for me I cut out Alcohol for the 6weeks of the programme and will continue this forward as I feel it played a big part in the weight loss for me. I now eat more veggies and not so much refined carbohydrates.

At first I was starving every day until my body adjusted to the new way and new amount of food I was eating but as the weeks went on I got used to it and felt good about myself.

My start weight was 87.7kg and now its 81.6 kg my body fat: 21.7% and it is now down to an amazing 16.6%. I am still keeping this new way of eating and hope to drop even more body fat and keep my weight constant around the 82/83KG mark. Thanks for your support.*

Roisin’s story (June 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I came to Zak Sztor Nutritionist in Randwick  as I had recently moved to Australia and got out of routine with healthy eating and wanted to gain more knowledge about nutrition. I learnt lots about the ingredients in food, importance of portion sizes and healthy recipes. I learnt to cook using real food ingredients. I feel like I have so much more energy. I lost 4.8kg 3.1% body fat, I lost 5cm from my hips and 8.5cm from my waist.Thank you very much.*


Wesley’s story (June 2016)

Personal Training Randwick-Zak Sztor Personal Trainer in Randwick has a great approach which is tailored to each individual based on their starting position. His focus on a total solution being fitness training and nutrition is refreshing and customised for you. He really puts your needs first and isn’t afraid to show tough love in order to get results. You will see sustainable results and will not be disappointed. Highly recommend!*



Rebecca’s story (June 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I went to see Zak Sztor Nutritionist in Randwick after I decided I wanted to not only lose weight but also to educate myself on how to do it the right & healthy way. I came in for my sit down and we discussed everything about my family history and my own diet and lifestyle and I got a tailored plan to help with my goals and off I went. My diet completely changed and was now filled with a plate full of vegetables and portion controlled protein and carbs, it may sound boring but food was never boring – it was actually delicious. No more sugar or fatty foods which I thought would be the hardest thing but I just filled up my plate with different vegetables and always varied my food and that tended to curb my need for sweets….most of the time! I found writing down my diary and sharing it with Zak really helpful as it stopped me from mindlessly eating and running through it with Zak every week was really helpful as I was always learning and he always gave me healthy alternatives if I had a not so healthy meal. Within 2 weeks of starting the program I was feeling so full of energy, I was able to go harder in the gym, I was sleeping better, I looked much better and I just felt much better in myself. In the 6 weeks I almost lost 6kg in 8cm on my waist and continuing the healthy eating to this day. It was a daunting experience at first but something that I’ve learnt so much from that I’ll cherish forever. Zak was such a wonderful mentor throughout the experience and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to change their life for the better!*

Nadine’s story (May 2016)

Bondi Junction Nutritionist- Zak is highly professional in his work as a personal trainer and nutritionist. He listens to the individual’s needs and manages them accordingly to achieve their goals.*

Jacqui’s story (May 2016)

Nutritionist Randwick-I am so glad I have found you after a crazy year last year, and the money i paid for the  nutritional consul has just been unmeasurable and the best $$ spent in a long time.
The personal attention to what I was and wasn’t doing! The weekly catch ups, along with your ongoing support, texts and emails with great information , all based on such sound knowledge, have been brilliant. Also your ability and patience to connect with people individually and recognise specific needs.
I have to say there are ‘Zak tips’ all over my house, starting with my ACV in morning/fish oil, zinc, vege bakes etc to all the other good habits you have me doing.

Thanks a mill Zak, I am feeling 100% better and in control, than where I was, well on my way to achieving my goals and you have made the difference.

I am very excited about now training with you , and if yesterday is any indication, I know combined with the eating as well, I will have my old body back soon!*

Olivia’s story (April 2016)

Randwick Personal Trainer- I have been training with Zak for several years and couldn’t recommend him highly enough for both nutritional input/ advice and small group training, he is 5 out of 5!!!!! Zak’s group sessions are always varied and he accommodates (exercises) for my pre-existing injuries which demonstrates his knowledge and vast experience in this field. Over the years Zak has given extremely valuable advice and recommendations for me nutritionally which works in conjunction with my intolerances. Thanks Zak!!!*

Alison’s story

Personal Training Randwick-Training sessions were extremely effective. They were structured around my goals and results were great. My strength increased, I was more toned and most importantly I felt fit and healthy.

A weekly exercise program was also developed for time spent outside of the training sessions. These were monitored and changed every 4-6 weeks in order to constantly challenge me to ensure I achieved the best results and to ensure I was never bored with the program.

I was constantly updated with diet and other general health tips containing ways to improve my day-to-day activities or my exercise program.

The training sessions themselves were always very challenging and most importantly diverse. The program was changed every week and it was not an uncommon occurrence for me to be given an exercise I’d never done before.

Overall the training sessions were extremely beneficial to my health and well-being. I am 100% confident that I would not have achieved the results I did had I embarked on my exercise program alone. Zak Sztor Personal Trainer comes with my very high recommendation. Happy training!

Carla’s story

Randwick Personal Trainer -Zak Sztor been my personal trainer in Randwick for nearly 7 weeks now and already I have made big changes to my lifestyle, for someone who never use too eat breakfast Zak has stressed the importance of this meal to me and how a smoothie can make all the difference, now I take it every morning religiously and I feel great! Although I’ve only been training with Zak for a short period I already feel fitter and healthier, I rate him 100% and only wish I could take him back too Ireland with me too keep my motivated!!*

Orla’s story

Randwick Personal Trainer -“I was never one for going to the gym.,. Until I seen a photo of myself at my heaviest weight and I realised it was time for a change. After my first session with Zak, I knew he was the perfect personal trainer for me.

Zak focuses on both nutrition and fitness and combines the both together to get the best results. After one week of recording my diet and eating habit, I soon realised that my eating habits were so bad. With the help of Zak and his tailored eating plans, I was soon enjoying healthy eating and reaping the benefits.

Zak’s has a vast knowledge of fitness, and even though his workouts can be very challenging, he is always there with you, motivating you. In all the sessions I did with Zak, no two sessions were the same, they were all different and equally challenging.

After 3 months of working with Zak, following his nutrition and fitness plans, I was down 4.5kg and 8% body fat.I was beyond delighted with the result and could not have done it without Zak’s constant encouragement and expertise.

Great trainer, great nutritionalist, great results!!”*

Lissa’s story

Personal Training Randwick-I have been a gym member for many years, and I have used personal trainers before with pretty good results. When I first started the gym, my body shaped changed dramatically. However, in the last 12 months I had seen no change, even though I was visiting the gym 4-5 times per week. In fact I was starting to put on weight and became very unmotivated!

I decided I needed a change and decided to see someone about changing my body shape, with a general refresher about what I wanted to achieve out of my gym work. I heard great things about Zak! His ‘can-do’ attitude and ‘up front’ approach that helps you push yourself to achieve any exercise/goal he gives you.

I appreciated the wide range of services that Zak offered and that he tailored my program to my individual needs and interests, all with a compassionate and humorous and educational approach. The initial consultation was followed by consistent support, which maintains the connection made and keeps the motivation steady. It is great to know that there is someone out there that understands my exercise, lifestyle and food preferences.
I have now trained with Zak for over 3 years, and feel stronger fitter and healthier, even though I work full time, and a mother of one. This year I completed my first half marathon, and I was overwhelmed by my own personal achievement. I look forward to the future….*

Adriana’s story

Personal Training Randwick-When I first started with Zak I weighted 118 kg. I never exercised, I ate all the wrong foods at the wrong times and felt enough was enough. I was determined I needed a complete overhaul. I had planned to make a big over seas trip the following year to visit family and friends I had not seen in years and I didn’t want to be that overweight, tired and an unhappy person any more. After our first consultation (body assessment) Zak informed me that I morbidly obese, that was the wake up call I needed. Until I was confronted with those words, I pretty much was living with my head in the clouds.
I walked away from that first day, upset and angry with myself, but I was determined and motivated to make a change for the better.
Zak has educated me to which foods I should be eating, when and at what times. Having smaller goals to focus on and to work towards, helped achieve my main goals. Zak also made me accountable each week for what I was eating and drinking. This has been a huge part of my achievements so far. I realised just how achievable my main goals really were.
I know weigh 84 kg, and I went on that overseas trip feeling like a new person with lots of enthusiasm, energy. I look forward to the years ahead, with a new lease of life!*

Outi’s story

Personal Training Randwick-I’ve been training with Zak for closer to six months now, and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone, regardless of their fitness level. I started from absolute zero, and I already feel so much fitter and stronger, have dropped down a couple of sizes in clothing and am much healthier than I was before. Zak comes up with challenging, fun workouts and pushes you to do your best, but also has a lovely, calm, highly professional approach to training, which I really appreciate. If you’re looking for a trainer, he’s the man for the job.*

Leigh’s story

Personal Training Randwick-Zak is a dedicated and highly creative personal trainer. His vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition helps him custom design programs to the individual needs of his clients. Although his workouts can be challenging, he never fails to be there to support, encourage and celebrate his client’s wins. Zak has a natural ability to motivate, inspire and draw out the very best in his clients. His outgoing and friendly manner, coupled with his rich educational background, makes him an excellent personal trainer for anybody looking to see results, have fun and achieve their goals! In my years of training with Zak, I truly enjoyed the personal attention, encouragement, and unique workouts he never failed to come up with.*

Amanda’s story

Personal Training Randwick-Zak has been my personal trainer for 2 Years. I look forward to the sessions as Zak produces imaginative and varied programs to increase my level of fitness. His focus and close observation ensures I am always stretched without straining.*

Alison’s story

Personal Training Randwick Fitness First -Zak has been my fitness and wellbeing coach for over 3 years and has worked with me to attain and keep a healthy wellbeing.

He has motivated me to reach my peak fitness levels, trained me throughout pregnancy and helped me back to a lighter than pre-pregnancy weight. He makes it easy to integrate his nutritional ideas into our diets. His strength and conditioning training is tailored, varied and always challenging. I can’t imagine not having his fitness training as part of my routine.*

Grainne’s story

Nutritionist Randwick-I trained with Zak when I was studying to be a personal trainer myself. I highly rate Zak, for his knowledge, motivation, personality and professionalism. Zak pushed me to train hard and guided me towards the right nutritional choices too. He is a one-stop shop for health and fitness advice. I have had many coaches and trainers over the years, and Zak is the trainer I learnt the most from and enjoyed training with the most.*

Imogen’s story

Nutritionist Randwick-Just wanted to take a moment to say how highly I would recommend Zak. I was going to the gym 4times a week doing the same thing every time and the only thing it was doing for me was maintaining my weight. I wasn’t loosing any or getting toned. Then I started with Zak and that all changed. I started seeing the difference in my fitness levels and my body was becoming more defined. When I’m in the gym now I know how to mix up my work out and get the most out of it and most importantly he has taught me so much about what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I look forward to going to his sessions because he is always mixing them up and getting me to try new things and push myself. Thanks for everything Zak*

Pip’s story

Randwick Personal Trainer -Zak is truly passionate about helping and making changes to ones lifestyle……. Switching on a better thought process that equates to healthy food decisions and an increase in exercise has really turned things around for me, and I’m seeing results. Thanks Zak for all your help and support so far. No pain no gain is really starting to be my motto in life! :-)*


Make the change today and start my 6 week challenge .

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