Zak Sztor Personal Training

Why have Zak..

For 12 years I’ve worked in the eastern suburbs of Sydney as a personal trainer and I’m confident that I’m one of the only Personal Trainer  who can support their exercise philosophy with sound nutritional advice.

My results also speak for themselves. I’m not interested in implementing new fads or experimenting with health or diet trends, but rather I use tried and tested methods based on the latest industry research.

I work hard to motivate my clients by setting achievable goals and providing constructive feedback. However, I also ensure there is accountability for those who want to see tangible results.

As every client I meet is different, I adapt each personal training session to suit the individual, ensuring that the sessions are tailored to suit every body type and level of fitness.

My aim with each session is to increase your work capacity and overall fitness by incorporating a variety of physically challenging and unfamiliar functional movement patterns, all conducted at relatively high intensity.

By mixing up the tempo, movements, repetitions and loads in each sequence, you with begin to feel stronger and fitter.

My strength and conditioning program focuses on functional movement, which is the foundation for achieving life-changing results. I complement this with bursts of cardiovascular activity, always employing techniques to maximize your time and make each session as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

As a personal trainer, I pride myself on my enthusiasm and you can be assured that no two sessions are the same. I’ve thought about every aspect of your experience and my training sessions should complement your busy life. All you really need to do is turn up!

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