Randwick Nutritionist “Recipe Book Review”

Randwick Nutritionist "Recipe Book Review"

Randwick Nutritionist “Recipe Book Review”

Zak Sztor Randwick Nutritionist

Randwick Nutritionist – Now here is a cook book worth a look. Just out on the shelfs is “The Green Grocer Diet”.

Theory behind it:

It’s sold as a weight loss and lifestyle diet basically, with most of the produce on your shopping list being bought at your local green grocer believe it or not!

Fresh produce will makes up most of the ingredients in “The Green Grocer Diet”, with loads of emphasis being placed on fresh vegetables and fresh fruit because of there low kilojoule count and high nutrient value, however eating some dairy, whole grains, meat, fish and chicken daily have also got room on your plate too.

This diet is supposed to encourage dieters to eat seasonal so you don’t get bored of having the same meals every night.

• Summer fresh colourful salads
• Winter nourishing hot soups and casseroles

Why I like it:

This diet I think makes a lot of sense, you eat fresh and local, it cuts out processed foods, the foods you do eat are low in kilojoules so if you do over eat then your less likely make large weight gains.

From my experience weight loss or any commitment to changing your lifestyle may it be diet or exercise you need to have a little guidance to point in the right direction.

Lets hope this one helps!!

If your need any more recipes please feel free to check out Zak’s Kitchen.

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