Randwick Nutritionist Recipe Of The Week ” Healthy Greek Salad”

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Randwick Nutritionist: Healthy Greek Salad

Nutritionist Randwick-To be honest this  is my favourite salad this summer, interestingly enough I asked my fellow co worker, who is from Greece (George) if he could tell me his mums Healthy Greek Salad Recipe.

This recipe is so simple to make (so no cooking skills required) , and it takes no time at all to  prepare. This Greek Salad is rally fresh with lots of flavour, and it goes really well with fish, red meat or even on it’s own.

By following my simple steps, you cannot go wrong. I promise you after you have made this salad it will also be your favourite summer salad this year.

Randwick Nutritionists Recipe Of The Week " Healthy Greek Salad"

Randwick Nutritionists Recipe Of The Week ” Healthy Greek Salad”

Ingredients For My Healthy Greek Salad Recipe:

Serve 4

  • 1 Cucumber fresh
  • 200g Of Fresh Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 4-5 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Fresh Oregano Leaves (small handful)
  • 250g of Fresh Deli Feta Cheese
  • Pepper to Taste

The Steps To Make My Healthy Greek Salad:

Step 1:Wash your hands

Step 2:Place all the ingredients in front of you.

Step 3:Roughly chop up the cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and place them in a large  salad bowl.

Step 4: Unwrap the feta cheese and crumble it up into the salad bowl.

Step 5:Gently mix all the ingredients for this greek salad together

Step 6: Finely chop up the oregano, mix into salad bowl.

Step 6: Add salt or pepper to taste

Step 7: Serve

I made this simple Healthy Greek Salad last week, and it went really well with my Healthy Turkey Rissoleshowever your choice of meat, fish or vegetable proteins will work as well!

If there is any Greek Salad left, place it in the fridge it should last till the next day.


If your need anymore recipes please feel free to check out Zak’s Kitchen

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