Personal Trainer Randwick Workout Of the Week”Sprint Workout”

Zak Sztor Randwick Personal Trainer

Sprint Workout:

Randwick Personal Trainer- I have been qualified as a personal trainer for over 10 years, and sometime you just want to come up the gym or fitness centre, and do something different, a workout that has no thinking involved! Try my sprint workout, it is short and guaranteed to get your heart rate elevated, and it involves only a few dumbbells and a treadmill.


Exercise Routine:

Randwick Personal Trainer: Start by gathering all your equipment, this will save time when you start the sprint workout. Organise your stations, and plan ahead for the sprint workout, this will minimise any long pauses which may slow you down when you get started.

Some exercise will take longer than others to complete, just imagine that your in a personal training session, consider  your form and tempo. Please do not compromise technique , if the weights are to heavy drop them down, or if your getting fatigued have a rest.

The workout should take between 30-40 minutes, or 4-5 rounds.

Personal Trainer Randwick Workout Of the Week"Sprint Workout"

Personal Trainer Randwick Workout Of the Week”Sprint Workout”

The Sprint Workout:

Station 1: Reverse lunge and twist (15 reps each side)

Station 2: 400 metres on the treadmill

Station 3: 60 seconds of mountain climber

Station 4: 300 metres on the treadmill

Station 5: Single arm row (15 reps each side)

Station 6: 200 metres on the treadmill

Station 7: 15 push up (on knee or toes depending on ability)

Station 8: 100 metres on the treadmill

Station 9: Abs on the boss ball (30 reps)

Exercise Equipment:

This is what you will need to do today’s workout:

  • Treadmill
  • Dumbbell or Kettebells  for reverse lunge and twist
  • Dumbbell for single arm row
  • 1 x matt for push up’s
  • Bosu ball for abs

Key Points To Remember Post Sprint Workout:

  • Drinking at least 500 mis of water
  • Eating post workout is one of the most important things you can do after you have exercised, and here is why…Soon as you have finished your workout, with your personal trainer, or group fitness class it prime time for your muscles to build and to replenish your energy stores. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn, even when you are resting. This should help your weight loss efforts. Think abut having my post workout Healthy Breakfast Smoothie.
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