Sydney Marathon 2012



As the Sydney marathon draws closer people all over the city are deep in training for the ultimate 42 kms endurance challenge on the 2oth of May. We’ve definitely noticed an increase in Randwick gym as people prepare themselves for the gruelling trek across Sydney. However as many beginners join in it’s important to ensure you keep your body fit and healthy. So here are our top tips for avoiding muscle aches and pains as you train.

If you are new to running or are coming back to it after an extended break it’s likely you will experience muscle pain. Although some pain is natural as you train it’s good to know a few ways to keep it to a minimum.

Don’t try to run the marathon on your first day. Always build up your training programme gradually over time. With my help l’ll  be able to create a fitness programme designed to ease you into the long distance run and build your strength and stamina up in time for race day.

Before any training session you should always warm up your muscles. Warming up increases your heart rate and body temperature making your run feel easier and reduce the chance of damaging your muscles. You should also use this time to prepare mentally for your run, this is particularly important for long distance runs as endurance can be as much a mental challenge as a physical one. A simple walk or light jog is usually enough to warm up your body and muscles. After your warm up stretch your muscles before starting the exercise, you should also do this at the end of your run too.

Hopefully this has helped some beginners get on the right track for their training, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

Good luck

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