Trans Fats facts

Trans fats

What is trans fat?
Trans fat is a type of unsaturated fat that behaves like a saturated fat because of its chemical structure. It increases our risk of heart disease by increasing the “bad” LDL cholesterol, while also lowering the “good” HDL cholesterol in our blood.

Naturally occurring trans fats are found in small amounts in dairy products, beef, veal, lamb and mutton.

Artificial, synthetic, industrial or manufactured trans fats are produced during a process called partial hydrogenation, during which the hydrogen atoms in the liquid unsaturated fatty acids rearrange.This process is completely unnatural and causes your body to go into overdrive on a cellular level*

Make the change
1. Choose lean meat trimmed of all visible fat
2. Choose reduced, low or no fat dairy foods
3. Try to limit the amount of fast foods and take-away meals including deep-fried and baked foods including store bought biscuits, pastries, pies and cakes, margarines that you eat.

*Heart foundation AU


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